[mi_heading heading="EXPERTISE"] If you're feeling growing pains I encourage you to keep stretching. I work best with those who are ready to experience both professional and personal growth. [/mi_heading]
[mi_text_icon title="BRANDING" icon="icon-tools" icon_position="top" description="A strong value proposition and overall brand identity is fundamental in business. A cohesive brand conveys quality, credibility and experience. I'll help you fuse captivating copy with innovative design to boost your impact."]
[mi_text_icon title="STRATEGY" icon="icon-strategy" icon_position="top" description="Ensure successful campaigns by engaging in market research and thoughtful planning. I'll help you develop and implement marketing, sales, customer service and internal plans of action tailored to your brand and its target audience. "]
[mi_text_icon title="CONTENT CREATION" icon="icon-clipboard" icon_position="top" description="Branded key messages, high-quality imagery, and thoughtful layouts evoke strong sentiments that determine whether or not you connect with your desired audience. I can help you cook up tasty sound bites for your ideal client's consumption."]
[mi_text_icon title="PRESENTATION" icon="icon-camera" icon_position="top" description="You have a vision and are creating something special to share with the world, but do the right people know you and your business exist? Proper positioning, packaging and distribution will propel your brand. "]
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