Google Keep allows us to capture, organize and “keep” our thoughts.  Like the name suggests, Google Keep is connected to our G(oogle)Mail account, so we can access our notes on any device. Keep allows us to create memos, checklists and save photos along with our notes. You can format and color coordinate them, too!

But word on the street is… Google Keep is an Evernote wonna-be.

Unlike with Keep, Evernote’s memos and “check lists” can be combined in one note. Items can also be tagged for easy searching on Evernote. Using Google Keep, a note can either be archived or kept on the home screen. However, there is no way of organizing the notes in different categories or separating your workspace.

Since I like to see snippets of useful info I’ve collected at-a-glance, I use Google Keep when I’m surfing the web and stumble upon inspiration or find gems on the internet that I want to preserve.

One of my best friends swears by Evernote to help keep life organized. From finances to emotional stability, Evernote seems to have the cheat codez (word to Danica!)
I’m going to give Evernote another go for less creative, more practical, day-to-day use.
I still intend to use Google Keep for brainstorming, market research and educational purposes. Like a digital scrapbook of musings.

I’ll check back in about my Evernote experiences. *I’m downloading the app as I type!*
If you have another magical app to help simplify the mental clutter and store digital treasures– school me by way of a comment!