In case you’re sitting there wondering… WTF is a ‘Capital G Ventures’?!
Well… if you take a look above, you’ll see a super cute, serif, low-case g.
I don’t want to develop a full-blown alter ego! Especially because I’ve positioned myself as a Personal and Business Development Strategist. I’m a proponent for connecting to others, authentically.
However, you already know this is my diary. Your behind the scenes all-access pass to a g.
If you want to collab with me on a more professional level– you’re dealing with (capital) G.

Funky lil nuance, eh?
Humor me, and my concept of a “business persona” by embracing it though!

Here’s the symbol I’ll feature on my professional stationary, including my business cards!

ghislaine logo only
G for dayssssss!
How ya feeeeel?