Intention: to have in mind a purpose or plan, to direct the mind, to aim.

While we should set intentions in all areas of our lives, let’s focus on the notion of productivity within the scope of your business.
More specifically, how to get stuff DONE when you sit in front of your computer.

Many of us turn on our computers and immediately fall victim to the World Wide Web. Before we know it, we’re left wondering where the time went. Don’t get sucked in!

Start Plotting

  • Grab a pen and take out a scrap sheet of blank paper
    If you prefer to use a notebook, I recommend using one solely for this practice. It takes your tidy, at-a-glance, to-do list to another level.
  • On the middle of the sheet, write down what you intend to get done.
    Research ________, read ____________, write ______________, sign up for ____________.
  • Leave about an inch of space between each task
  • Don’t think about the order of importance, just write.
  • Using the space on the left side of the page, give each task a number of priority.
  • The space below each task can be used to break the “to-do” into smaller chunks
  • The area to the right can be used to list some resources

If you have a task like: “Write a blog post about flowers”
Your break down below the task may look something like: “research flowers, find a flower expert, get 2 free stock images”
On the right hand side, you might write down the website you’ll visit to find expert and the resources you’ll use to find the images.

You Need a Break

After every “main task” is complete, give yourself 15 min to something not on the list.
Treat this time as a reward. It’s an intentional “distraction” to keep your energy flowing.
If you’re on a real time crunch, I recommend setting an alarm for 14 min. This will ensure you don’t completely lose track of time, and it will give you a minute to get your head back in the game.

You don’t have to write anything down to simply “set your intent” but I promise this particular exercise WILL help you get more done.