Ghislaine Mendoza
Multi-passionate problem solver with a knack for shifting mindsets, revamping brands and inspiring authenticity.


Curiosity moves me so I keep an open-mind. I embrace the process of progression. Heartfelt introspection and authentic connections inspire me. My attitude is solutions-oriented, empathetic and honest. I’m typically playful but always thorough. While working to help others achieve their definition of “success,” I evolve, too! As I cultivate my own business ventures, I work with people I value and brands I believe in. Mutually beneficial relationships make the world go 'round, so let's grow together!


Studied Communication, Marketing and Public Relations at Florida State University. Practiced journalism at Florida A&M University.
During my time at FSU, I served as Membership Director for the Multicultural Greek Council and held various leadership positions in Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority, Inc. I can write in AP style, speak on-camera and build a website. I'm resourceful and committed to life-long learning so I take courses, attend seminars, catch trade events and explore the web to learn unique skills and new techniques.


Marketing & Public Relations for lifestyle & entertainment-based brands. Content creation and distribution, primarily on digital platforms. My job-titles have ranged from Marketing Coordinator for a Diamond Manufacturer to Communication Director for concert starring recording artist, Rick Ross. I focus on targeted research, strategic planning, meaningful collaboration, mindful positioning, campaign execution, community outreach and evaluation. I've spearheaded my own companies and have helped clients streamline their businesses.


I don't believe in being ``bored.`` Reading, writing and speaking adds value to my days and nurtures my spirit! I love to learn & teach. Exploring science, psychology & spirituality is alluring and fulfilling. I love watching documentaries, blogging, dabbling with design and photography. Traveling & being outdoors is exhilarating. Organizing, planning & discovering new life hacks is fun! Sharing intimate moments with free-thinkers is truly rewarding. I take pride in finding worthy causes to advocate, as well as collaborating with other movers and shakers.

Currently building a platform alongside my best friends.
It's a place for forward-thinkers and go-getters to share useful tips and get actionable advice. Care to connect or collaborate?


Helping people position, package and present their brand authentically.
I work best with those who are ready to experience both professional and personal growth.


A strong brand identity is fundamental and essential in business. A cohesive brand conveys quality, credibility and experience. I'll help you leverage creativity, psychology, innovative design and consistency.


Brands ensure success by engaging in market research and thoughtful brainstorming to develop and implement marketing, sales, customer service and internal plans of action tailored to the brand and its target audience.


Key messages, images, layout and overall design evoke strong sentiments that determine whether or not you connect with your desired audience. I can ensure these components come together and work for you.


You have a vision and are creating something special to share with the world, but do the right people know you and/or your brand exist? Proper positioning, packaging and distribution will propel your business.

Peak into my soul...


If you've made it this far you've probably realized that I only work with people I believe in who have a vision I admire. I love working with aspiring entrepreneurs, creative hustlers and people seeking to monetize based on their passion. Since my guidance and fees will vary depending on the individual or brand I'm collaborating with I offer a FREE 15 minute consultation where we can discuss your needs and determine whether I can truly be of service to you. Click Here to choose a time and date that best suites you!


Through my formal education, internships. entrepreneurial experiences and on-going immersion in the digital space I have tons of gems that can help take your business to the next level. We'll discuss your specific needs, obstacles and concerns, to get you on the path to making your vision come to life.
We can discuss: Social Media Strategy, Starting a (compliant) Business, Building Brand Awareness, Creating a Blog, Establishing your Personal Brand, Public Relations/ Pitching to Media


Is your website costing or making you money? Are your marketing efforts attracting your ideal clients? Revamping copy, upgrading content, even minor tweaks to your brand's aesthetic can attract more customers and boost sales! I can review your Brand Identity, Collateral Marketing Materials, Website and/or Social Media Platforms and give you detailed feedback about where you can improve. My constructive criticism will give you actionable steps to be successful moving forward.


If you have an amazing product or service but your website, blog, flyers, e-courses, ebooks, etc are not a reflection of who you are, what you offer and why it's valuable-- you're failing to truly captivate your target audience. I can help you with digital content. I create custom packages including blog graphics, social media headers, website copy, social media ads, etc. I love photography so it'd be my pleasure to capture you and/or your products to entice more customers to swing your way.


I love working with entrepreneurs (especially infopreneurs) who are already developing blogs, e-courses, e-books, guides, special events, etc. They come to me to edit and amplify what they're already working on! I put the finishing touches on what's already a masterpiece in the making.
Same goes for those seeking to gain more experience and pay their dues as an employee. I can revamp your resume and give you my cover letter recipe that will ensure you always get an interview!


Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to contact me 🙂
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